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You already have the idea. It’s up to us now! Tell us what you want us to make for you and how it should look like. We will send you a price quotation by the next day.

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    Fair price

    The lowest price may not always be the best. Do you know what is included in the price charged by your current supplier? We always try to prepare a solution that meets your brand level. We play fair!



    Do you need your goods immediately? Yes, we can deliver within three days. But we always prefer 100% quality to a fast but half-baked solution. So that you and your customers are fully satisfied.



    We were established as a clothing brand for B2C and gradually moved onto the B2B market. We assess quality according to the retail standard. 1.2% of complaints from our total production is a number that proves that quality is not just a phrase for us. We have a sophisticated system of inter-operational and output controls.


    and background

    We have been designing, developing, and manufacturing clothing collections for more than 20 years. We have everything under our own roof – designers, constructors, graphics, production, and production technology.



    Depending on the characteristic of the order, we will recommend the most optimal type of transport from production to storage. And it’s up to you if you want to deliver everything at once or store the goods with us and distribute it gradually to places you will specify.



    We provide comprehensive services including stock advertising textiles from small quantities, small series production and large productions abroad. We produce in the Czech Republic, EU, and Asia. The production destination is selected according to the type of order and the customer’s preferences.


    of services

    It does not end with production and delivery with us. We can also offer special forms of packaging, photo production and preparation of items for sale in your e-shop.


    We save you time and worries

    Entrust everything to us and thus save a lot of your time and costs. We spend hundreds of hours a month choosing models and developing them because we enjoy it. Take advantage of our graphic artists and designers who daily move in the field of textiles and accessories. You can check the progress of the order online at any time. As part of the project, you have all these services for free – so don’t buy it 🙂